journeyofaphotograph is a collaborative, global art project created out of a yearning to return to a tangible photography and to understand more about the application of meaning to specific (photographic) objects and their role in the process of both personal and collective memory-making. The project draws artists from all disciplines together into the intimate, communal space of the blog, charting the journey of what started as a single photograph (and has now become a ‘package’) around the world. Its transformation as it is assimilated into private and public spaces, and the many varied and wonderful responses are all recorded on the shared blog.

This blog is intended to be open, shared, and entirely experimental.

The seed was sown for journeyofaphotograph a while ago. For more information read my post A lightbulb moment.

If you are interested in further information, or if you would like to sign up to the project, please click here.


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    • Hello – yes! It got delayed in Canada over the summer. It’s journeying back to the UK at the moment to the next participant. Check out the blog to see the latest contribution. You’re on the list, I think. I’ll try to get around to emailing participants this weekend to give you all a rough idea of timescales. Thanks – Emily

      • Thank you. I have seen the latest contribution and I am looking forward to see more 🙂

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